Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Lakers Demise

    What on gods green earth is wrong with the LA Lakers? It's the most popular topic in the NBA this season. For the majority of the 2013 season all I've heard is excuse after excuse. Wait until Nash is back. Wait until Dwight is fully healthy. They need time to play together and build some chemistry. These are all things that you'll hear from an optimistic Lakers fan. Well I hate to break it to you Lakers fans but excuses don't win ball games.
     So what's the real problem? I can tell you one man not to ask. That would be the HIRE OF THE YEAR....(fart noise), Mike D'antoni. The hard to believe one time "Coach of the Year" seems to have the answer after each losing streak. Lets be honest, all of his so called answers to the problems are ridiculous and in many cases laughable. Lets take his latest comments into consideration. He is now saying that he is going to make Kobe defend the other teams best guard. Now this may work if you throw Kobe on him for a few possessions here and there, but for the majority of the game, you've lost your mind. Not to mention he's going to cut Kobe's minutes in order to do this. That should go over real well coach. Hey COACH, I don't know if you need to check your ego at the door or have an epiphany, but open your eyes
and look at your roster. Your best players are either old and slow or injured. It baffles my mind that he
continues to think that his run and gun, shoot in 7 seconds or less philosophy that he shoves down the throat of any team he's ever coached will work for this team. The only player the Lakers have in their starting lineup that has ever been good at that is Steve Nash. News Flash D'antoni, it's not 04-05. You have two of the top centers in the game. Neither at this point in their career are great at running the floor mainly because they're both playing injured. Both players would prefer to slow it down establish position in the post, and get a high percentage look. A formula that worked for Lakers teams not so long ago!!!!

     So why reinvent the wheel? You've got a point guard that can slice up the defense in the half court and find the open man, a superstar that can get his own shot whenever he decides, Two back to the basket centers, and a small forward who gets the scraps and actually wants to guard the other teams best player. Last time I checked the job of the head coach is to put his players in the best position to succeed and if D'antoni thinks his system is going to work here he's on a different planet. Do us all a favor and quit beating a dead horse. Your the definition of insanity. You wonder why the Lakers are one of the worst teams in the league in transition defense. To most, its common sense. Anyone who has ever played the game knows long
shots lead to long rebounds, and when your teams not in position to rebound because you just chucked up a low percentage shot that early in the shot clock it's can I get some jelly with that jam on the other end. Also have I mentioned...YOUR TEAM IS SLOW, so slow it down. Can we please see what happens when this team slows it down, gets high percentage looks, sets their defense and forces the other team to take it at one of the best shot blockers in the game today.

    But hey, that's just one opinion from another Joe Schmo. I just hope for the sake of all NBA fans that someone in the Lakers organization can answer the question..... What on gods green earth is wrong with the LA Lakers? It would be a damn shame if the playoffs begin and were still talking about the Lakers who are sitting at home!

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